İLMOR KİMYA has established the Quality Management System in order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers without sacrificing quality and reliability within the scope of supply, storage and sales of Cosmetic, Food, Textile and Detergent raw materials and aims to continuously improve it ;

  • To research and develop the product portfolio in order to provide products in accordance with the equivalent products used by our customers,
  • To ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction in terms of reasonable prices, on-time delivery and product diversity,
  • Keeping customer relations warm by using communication channels effectively and always being accessible,
  • To find solutions as soon as possible by giving importance to the problems and suggestions of our customers and to improve the quality of our processes so that the problems do not recur,
  • To improve our market cooperation with our suppliers,
  • To increase the participation of our employees through training and internal communication activities and to ensure that the Quality Management System is adopted in our entire organization,
  • Contributing to social life and the national economy with our products produced in accordance with the environmental, occupational health and safety regulations  and ISO 22716 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices Management) System by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level at world standards,

It has been adopted as our Quality Policy.

  • To prevent workplace-related injuries and health deterioration by keeping occupational health and safety at the highest level,
  • To create a healthy and safe working environment by preventing negative effects on the health of our employees and people who will be affected by our activities,
  • To detect, eliminate or reduce the factors that may cause work accident or occupational disease, with an effective risk assessment study,
  • To develop the ISC awareness of our employees and make it a philosophy of life.
  • To continuously improve the ISC management system with the participation of our employees,
  • To follow the developing technology and methods in the similar sector or in the world on OHS issues,
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable legal and other requirements,
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability are at the forefront of ILMOR Kimya’s priority issues. Our Objectives and Goals for the Environment within the scope of “Design, development and production of Textile & Detergent and Cosmetic raw materials”; Minimizing waste, preventing or recovering pollution at its source
    • Conservation of natural resources and using them in the most efficient way,
    • Reducing or even zeroing the impact of our activities on the environment
    • Savings in water and energy consumption
    • Developing environmental awareness
    • environmental protection
    • Continuous improvement of environmental management system to increase Environmental Performance

    Accordingly, the principles of our environmental policy are:

    • Legislation Compliance: To comply with national and international legal regulations and other compliance obligations regarding the environment in the geographies in which we operate, and to cooperate with organizations for these purposes.
    • Use of Appropriate Technologies: To ensure the application of technologies that will not harm the environment, to the extent that economic and commercial opportunities allow, in order to protect natural resources and prevent pollution. To highlight environmentally friendly practices in design and production processes.
    • Ensuring Participation: To ensure the active participation of all employees in the direction of continuous improvement of environmental success, with the responsibility and awareness of protecting the environment, to increase awareness with effective information flow and training, and to ensure integrity in our environmental activities.
    • Efficient Use of Resources: In order to minimize the pollution of important natural resources such as air, water and soil; to keep the effects arising during process, treatment, disposal and storage under control, to encourage savings and to ensure the efficient use of natural resources, to turn to recycling from wastes by following the developing technologies.

    What we have done so far and what we will do in the future is clear, and it is our fundamental duty to ensure environmental quality, protect human health, and create and maintain safe working environments.

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